Holiday Inn Express

We Know What Matters

J. Walter Thompson London has launched a fully integrated creative campaign for Holiday Inn Express, which refreshingly acknowledges that, when it comes to a short stay, the hotel takes second place to the reason guests are visiting –whether that be seeing a relative, attending a wedding or travelling on business.

This emotive campaign is led by a series of uplifting 30 second ads. Each TVC dramatises the true reasons why guests stay. Place names such as Slough, Droitwich and Swansea are celebrated as an emotional metaphor for what those places mean to their guests, before showing how the hotel plays a supporting role in the occasion, by providing more where it matters to help make their stay as smooth as possible - from breakfast, to power showers and free Wi-Fi. Please see below for the TVC for Droitwich –

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The campaign is summarised through the supporting tagline “At Holiday Inn Express we take care of what matters inside the hotel, so that you can enjoy what matters outside if it.”

J. Walter Thompson London has also created a series of radio, paid digital, cinema and video on demand ads highlighting key inclusions like breakfast and free Wi-Fi. In addition, the in-hotel marketing posters use clever copy design around these premium offerings.

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