First Direct

Unexpected bank - Beatboxing Birds

We supported the launch of the new First Direct ‘Unexpected Bank’ campaign with specialist video content optimisation techniques, helping the campaign teaser video generate buzz and 20,000+ views online in its first week.

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The 'beatboxing bird' video was part of the new ‘Unexpected Bank’ campaign for First Direct. The ten second video was aired on TV without any branding and drove a lot of conversation online around what it was and what it was advertising.

Due to the mystery surrounding this short TV spot and the entertaining nature of the ad, we knew viewers would search for it online. We uploaded the video to YouTube and optimised it for key search terms we knew people would use.

This resulted in the video ranking at the top of the search results in both YouTube and Google without any paid media and lead to 200,000 views in the week the ad was on TV.

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