The Elastic Generation

Our Intelligence report on 50- to 69-year-old Britons identifies a compelling new consumer group: “The Elastic Generation”. Full of potential energy and wielding unprecedented financial power, these trailblazers are unapologetically shattering stereotypes of what it means to be 50+ today.

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True to its name, the Elastic Generation stretches preconceived notions of its age group. These untapped consumers number over 15 million in the UK. Yet despite driving the nation’s consumer spending, they feel largely ignored by brands and misrepresented by society, with an overwhelming majority saying they don’t recognise themselves in ads that target them.

Based on a combination of interviews, focus group, and quantitative research using J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary SONAR panel, our report brings to light the attitudes, needs and desires of Britons in their 50s and 60s and uncovers what makes them tick.

The report tackles six business categories in particular – wellbeing, shopping, travel & leisure, money, fashion & beauty and brand communications – providing companies with insights and clear action points to engage this generation of consumers.

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