Mr Kipling

The Edible Billboard

We asked ourselves; 'If Mr. Kipling created a poster, what would it be like?' He’s an expert baker, driven by his desire to bring his delicious cakes to the masses. So, he'd make it entirely out of cake.

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So, we created a 48 sheet poster made entirely of real, edible Mr Kipling cakes in London. The first of its kind. Sited outside Westfield shopping centre in London’s Shepherd’s Bush area, the public was at liberty to eat the entire thing.

The news spread quickly across social networks thanks to global press coverage and thousands of photos captured by passers by. We exposed a massive 213,997,500 consumers to the wonder of the poster and therefore the relevance of Mr Kipling. All thanks to over 13,000 real cakes and a lot of prototyping.

But most importantly, positive sentiment for Mr. Kipling and sales increased as a direct result of the cake poster.

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