The 10th month

The minute a woman gives birth, society refocuses attention from the mother to the new born baby.

We easily forget that giving birth is the start of a life-changing process with many uncertainties and questions for all mothers. The first month after birth in particular – the tenth month – is a time that will challenge them physically and emotionally and when they might need validation and support.

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We developed a content-led platform that puts new mums’ physical and emotional wellbeing and needs first; a dynamic portal that is easily findable and gives new mums a reason to re-visit. The campaign, also includes a children book written for new mums to bring the focus back on their feelings and needs.

We identified a wide range of content themes and we work with a group of hand-picked journalists to create engaging content. The content-led site offers impartial advice on all subjects relating to post-partum recovery, ranging from health and healing to emotional wellbeing, love and relationship.

Discover the French, Brazilian and Italian websites:, and

This multi-country and region site was built with localised content in mind for specific regional needs. It is fully responsive and designed as a mobile first initiative.

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