Bede House

Signal For Help

J. Walter Thompson London creatives travelled the country to domestic violence problem areas plugging in a Wi-Fi router which instead of offering internet connection delivers the unsuspecting public an apparent Facetime call with a woman who is about to become the victim of domestic abuse.

“Signal for Help” works by offering the public Wi-Fi that appears as an unlocked signal ‘Free_Public_Wi-Fi’ but when they connect, instead of a login page the user is served a powerful dramatic short film of a woman pleading for help before being cut off.

A statistic then says: “Only 16% of suspected domestic abuse is reported to the police.” As the film ends the user is given the opportunity to save the non-emergency police number 101 to their phone so if they are ever concerned about domestic abuse they have the number to call.

J. Walter Thompson London creatives Will Wright and James Lucking created the router that holds the film and phone number. They then travelled around the country specifically targeting towns and cities which have the highest reported incidents of domestic abuse and plugged the router in at high footfall areas.

Called “Signal for Help” the campaign was created for the Bede House, a Southwark-based charity that supports local people by helping them create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities and will be running as long as the charity feel it is effective.