J. Walter Thompson London

Quality Street

First Sign of Christmas

Quality Street ushers in the real “first sign of Christmas” as wrappers fall like sparkling coloured snowflakes onto a picturesque snow covered street (called Quality Street, of course) as families, residents and pets play in the flurry of colour and snow.

45,000 Quality Street wrappers fall from the sky as families, residents and animals frolic in an idyllic snow-covered festive street as it positions the chocolate favourites as the “First sign of Christmas”.

For thousands of excited consumers Christmas really starts when the Quality Street tin is opened and people dive in to rummage for their favourite. In its new campaign Quality Street looks to drive this point home with a fun and festive offering showing how its sweets are the centre point of many families’ Christmas moments and memories.

Quality Street also signals the end of Christmas and everyone returning to normal life. Based on the insight that once the last chocolate has gone, people use the tins to store their everyday objects, we’ve created a series of beautiful posters and a film showing some of the many and varied uses for an empty Quality Street tin.