Have a break, Have a KitKat

Our nimble team reacts to trending topics and real-time events to develop a successful moment marketing strategy, engage consumers and give the brand a real sense of fun.

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As the countdown to the festive season starts millions of brits already have one worried eye on the exhausting side of Christmas. So going against the usual Christmas noise trend we created an advert that gives people a little break. A witty and observational take on Christmas that takes the time to offer almost nothing.

To mark the launch of Spectre, the champion of ‘breaks’ felt it was only right to offer one of the world’s longest serving spies a little break from the arduous and often physically exhausting tasks he is forced to undertake for Queen and country.

As a witty antidote to the chaotic spending of Black Friday, we created a tactical ad for KitKat subverting the universal symbol of buying; the barcode.

Last year we also released an ad for KITKAT amid the social media frenzy mocking a bending flaw in the new iPhone 6 dubbed #Bendgate which has since become the most retweeted adverts of all time on Twitter.

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