J. Walter Thompson

Female Tribes

We created a living study capturing global female insight so we can change the cultural conversation and highlight Female Capital - the value that women bring to the world: as women.

We believe that defining women according to their responsibilities is limiting. But celebrating their achievements and aspirations is inspiring.

It’s time to change the conversation brands and businesses have with women, reinforcing positive social norms, whilst unlocking the true economic value that women have on business.

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Her Story: The Female Revolution

A four-part documentary, co-produced by J. Walter Thompson Entertainment for BBC Worldwide, that will highlight stories of women around the world who are shaping real social change. It looks at the world through the eyes of some of the most inspirational women on the planet, from political, religious and media powerhouses to grass roots campaigners and local activists.

Female Tribes Proprietary Study

An in-house consumer insight study across 9 markets and over 4000 women that identifies and explores the full spectrum of the multi-faceted, empowered modern woman and, ultimately, helps brands unlock the true economic value of the female consumer.

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence Trend Report

While the research study examines today’s Female Tribes, our Innovation Group will release a complementary report that looks ahead at the future female consumer and offers original insights on how women’s changing attitudes, behaviours and priorities will impact brands and the worlds they exist within.