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Family Returns

In this new take on the classic work, famous for reflecting contemporary family life, the ads introduce a whole new family - mum, dad, three children and their beloved pet rabbit, Mr Jefferson – all of whom have distinct personalities and active roles in the family group.

Both ads were directed by BAFTA & Emmy award winning Declan Lowney who not only directed some of the BT “family” ads but also was the original lead director of Cold Feet, Father Ted and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

The first ad sees teenage daughter Lucy bring home Tiana, the coolest girl in school, for dinner. However, when she sees Meatballs on the menu Lucy is mortified – until mum adds OXO. Tiana gives her seal of approval by sharing a picture of the dish on social media - confirming what mum knew all along.

The second sees a rush to get dinner ready for Jan and Rob, two friends who they forgot were coming.

The campaign builds on the concept of Team Family. The modern family unit sometimes gets a bad rap, with technology, broken homes and longer working hours all making life more fragmented.

However, our research paints a much more positive picture of how things are. More informal parenting styles and more chaotic schedules mean that we're more involved in our kids’ lives than ever before. Dads are increasingly joining mums at the emotional heart of the family and Mum and Dad increasingly share the work and domestic duties.

Almost one in three of today’s dads (29 per cent) take on sole responsibility for cooking and 87 per cent take on at least some responsibility for preparing meals*.

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