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Elastic Generation: The Female Edit 2018

In 2015, we published our report The Elastic Generation. It turned the spotlight on a much misunderstood group of British people in their 50s and 60s that we believed merited greater attention from brands.

Increased longevity and unprecedented financial clout combined with a refusal to grow old the way their parents had, made them “a force to be reckoned with.” Better known as the Baby Boomers, we chose to give them a new name, to capture an innate resilience, strength and potential: hence ‘elastic’. Not that many in this group would thank us for another label.

Highly individual, strong-minded and sick of being stereotyped, they would argue that they defy definition. Three years on, we are revisiting the Elastic Generation, this time turning our focus on the UK’s women.


Among what is still an emerging group, they are setting the precedent. What did we find? Almost two-thirds of our female panel say they are enjoying life more than ever nowadays. These women are defined by their confidence and authenticity: eight out of ten say they care less now what others think of them than they did in their younger years, while 68% say they are more outspoken than they used to be. As our trends will reveal, they are active, engaged and involved: pillars of family, community and society. They’re packing life to the full, not slowing down or withdrawing.

To view and download the full report: 234000 Elastic-Generation-The-Female-Edit.-FINAL

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