For many computers, a life full of posting pointless Facebook updates and trivial tabloid stories about reality stars seems satisfactory. However, for one lap top in particular, (along with 300,000 in the last 5 years) this proves to be not enough.

A short online film by J. Walter Thompson London and one of its Creative Directors, Miles Bingham, tells a story of one determined little laptop who finally answers its true calling by joining forces with – a charity that reconditions and sends old computers to Africa to be used in hospitals and schools

The film was written and directed by Bingham, a JWT creative director who is a passionate supporter of Computers4Africa and hopes to inspire Brits to get on board and donate their old computers. Bingham’s last directorial outing was the music video for Zooby Doo by Tigermonkey, which can also be viewed here:

The online film called “Computers with Potential” is narrated by the computer itself, and opens with a few of the meaningless tasks that the computer is commonly used for; uploading pointless Facebook statuses and images, and scrolling through celebrity tabloids online.

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Throughout the opening scene, the bored and frustrated computer explains how it longs for a higher purpose, feeling as if its talents are wasted on insignificant tasks. The computer then executes an elaborate escape plan, which includes buying a radio control car and brainwashing its owner to fix the laptop to the car, and then send it on its way. The computer then writes to its owner, explaining it has arrived to Africa to finally fulfil its true vocation in life.

Computers4Africa has already had an incredible impact on the lives of African communities and children since its conception in 2004. In fact, 1.8 million children have benefited from the computers provided by the organisation.

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