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Coffee vs Gangs

Kenco Coffee vs Gangs is a pioneering scheme that gives young Hondurans a route out of the spiral into gang life by giving them the opportunity, training and financial support to become coffee farmers; providing them for the first time with a choice in life.

In 2014, our scheme recruited 20 young Hondurans at risk of falling into gangs. In a rural coffee community, over the course of 12 months they were mentored in coffee agronomy and business skills as well as provided with a dedicated support network.

The lives of the young recruits were documented through an ongoing programme of online content.

We made Coffee vs Gangs the focus of an emotionally moving, content-led campaign. TV and cinema advertising dramatizes how Kenco created a make-or-break choice for young Hondurans, depicting the story through animated gang tattoos, the iconic sign of gang membership.

Visit www.coffeevsgangs.com.

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