19 Crimes - Treasury Wine Estates

Banish Convention

In a category dominated by tradition, 19 Crimes was perfectly placed to upset the category norms and target the rebel millennial wine consumer through its Australian ‘criminal’ heritage.

We created the ‘Banish Conventions’ platform. More than an advertising campaign, it’s a whole ethos from how the wine is described, to what it is served with – anything watertight.

Our understanding of the purchase decision journey meant that we knew that millennial male shoppers are actively searching for brands that are unpretentious and straight talking. We also know they are highly influenced by digital communication and compelling stories at the point of purchase.

Our shopper strategy took 19 Crimes out of the traditional wine shopping space to place it directly in millennial males’ purchase space. This was supported by a PR influencer outreach programme, search and social media presence.

Shopper activity resulted in +79% sales for the activity period with post activity sales remaining constant proving that consumers have bought in to the brand and are repeat purchasing.

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