A Living River

To celebrate the work of HSBC’s Water Programme and 15 year partnership with WWF, we brought one of the world’s longest rivers to the sky by creating an ambitious and unique sound installation in Gatwick Airport’s never before used for advertising Skybridge.

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‘A Living River’, the world’s longest and most advanced soundscape in an airport, brings China’s 6,300km Yangtze River to life using actual sounds recorded on the river.

The installation features over 100 hours of authentic sounds taken from 35 locations on the Yangtze; and transmitted by 160 speakers through 80 channels to immerse travellers in 3D sound.

With sounds reacting to the time of the day, the weather and even the movements of the travellers, the interactive installation gives a unique journey no matter how many times you travel down the Skybridge.

The soundscape was created in partnership with sound designer Nick Ryan. Nick is widely recognised as a leading thinker on sound creation and performance.

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