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Speak Easy Launch 2017


Speak Easy took to the Discovery stage as part of Lions Innovation week on the 20th of June at 11am.

Speakers Elizabeth Cherian (Director of the Innovation Group) and Jeremy Pounder (Director of Mindshare futures) will launch brand new global research that expands the Speak Easy UK research on voice technology. The report will continue to explore voice technology trends and its implications for brands through a truly emmersive experience.

Please download full report here: https://www.jwtintelligence.com/trend-reports/spea...


On Wednesday the 5th of April, we launched the Speak Easy research report on Voice Technology at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London.

Speak Easy is a trend report that explores voice technology and its implications for brands. We conducted a survey of 1000 UK smartphone users, qualitative research throughout the country, expert interviews, and a series of experiments with Neuro Insight, a neuroscience-based market research firm.

The Speak Easy report, completed in partnership with J. Walter Thompson London, The Innovation Group and Mindshare Futures.

To download the full report: https://www.jwtintelligence.com/trend-reports/speak-easy/

For more trends and key findings: https://jwt.co.uk/speak-easy-2017-research-report-...

Animated film: Future of Voice Technology'

Speak Easy Event

In association with Sennheiser, we transformed the legendary BAFTA stage into an immersive, ambisonic sound experience. A 360 audio journey through the history of the recorded human voice was performed by Meena Rayann (Game of Thrones) in a completely blacked-out theater.

We then had BBC Click presenter LJ Rich who spoke about the impact and effect of voice technology on consumer behavior and marketing. LJ Rich led an experienced and well-rounded panel, that covered topics such as the emotional and cognitive effects of voice technology on consumers, to how brands can monetize the growing consumer interest in and preference of voice technology.

Key quotes from the day

"For example, many of us humans can guess how someone is feeling when they say "I'm Fine". Yet the margin of error is variable - depending on who is listening. But now, imagine calling your bank and a machine being able to tell how stressed you are when you're asking for a loan." - LJ Rich

"Look at any Sci-Fi depiction and voice is seen as the ultimate aim of where we see computers going….there is a deep latent demand for voice, our most powerful tool" - Duncan Anderson

"Tech moves back before forwards…at the moment we have been barking at a subservient woman and we need to move forward from that. The future is the Spike Jonz film, 'Her'; that notion of intimacy, familiarity, personalisation...Alexa will not be Alexa, 'it' will be bespoke to my family. And it will be specific to my needs." - Adam Martin

"When you have a new boyfriend/girlfriend you are very forgiving in the first bit…..as time goes on you want more from that relationship…..how we deal with Alexa will evolve like how our relationship levels." - Heather Andrew