We transform brand equity into action and inspire people to buy well along the path to purchase. We are Geometry@JWT, a fusion of expertise between J. Walter Thompson and Geometry Global.

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We believe that brand equity alone is no longer enough for brands to succeed in the modern connected world. The real value of brand equity is only realised when it results in an action.

In a world where the merging of physical, digital and social means people can browse, share, compare and buy, anytime, anywhere, we know that shoppers and consumers are behaving differently. This means that brands need to dig deeper, identify the key moments of influence and inspire consumers.

We help identify these moments by establishing a map of the journey that people go on when making a purchase decision. We call this the Purchase Decision Journey. The Purchase Decision Journey helps identify the barriers to purchase, the emotional and mental states of shoppers and the role of communication at the most influential touchpoints.

We then use these insights to help us create and execute Pivotal Ideas. Ideas created to feel relevant, useful and compelling, that can change more than the way shoppers think but also influence the way they behave.

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