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30 of JWT’s brightest young talent participate in its unique award-winning International Craft Skills seminar

JWT International Craft Skills seminar 2017

Last week saw 30 of JWT’s brightest young talent from UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, America and South Africa participate in JWT's unique award -winning International Craft Skills Seminar. It’s a coming together of Planners, Account Management, Creative Producers, Creative, New Biz and Finance who spend the most intense week of their careers to date learning together, and then applying the learning to work truly collaboratively to crack a live client brief.

Each year a different European JWT office hosts and this year it was Paris, and our client the wonderful team at Samsung.

The week included Myers Briggs analysis to get the teams working together really effectively from the get-go, strategy planning, the Pioneering Process, understanding data and using key data sources, learning about qualitative research and then running bespoke groups with Paris consumers, ideas generation techniques and throughout coaching in presentation skills.

ECD Thomas Derouault from Paris inspired with his tales of being a failed pop star/model/comic book artist and Regional Director Joe Petyan engaged the group in addressing the key business goals of JWT globally. Eating, drinking and sleeping together 24/7 for a week means wonderful international connections and friendships were formed between delegates from JWT offices all around the world.

Photos from the Craft Skills week - Thanks to Nwabisa from JWT Cape town