J. Walter Thompson London

J. Walter Thompson London takes four awards at the Creative Circle UK Awards

Last night J. Walter Thompson London picked up a Silver and three Bronzes at the Creative Circle UK awards.

The Silver came for “Record Store Day” for Best Regional Poster in the Outdoor category. HSBC’s “Living River” scooped two Bronzes - one for the Best Special Build subcategory in Outdoor and one for Best Branded Environment subcategory in Experiential.

The final Bronze was for our “IFAW - Suzy Puppy” in Best Charity/Public Service Online.

For “Record Store Day” JWT London created a poster campaign that the independent shops and restaurants of Soho could use to promote their fellow independent record stores.

Each poster features a visual related to a popular business found in Soho, except with a hidden vinyl twist. Stores can select the poster most relevant to them, write their name on it to show they support the day’s events and stick them up to tell their customers where Soho's record stores are.

The “Living River” installation, the world’s longest and most advanced soundscape in an airport, gives travellers crossing Gatwick’s 194m Skybridge the chance to experience the authentic sounds of the 6,300 km river in rich detail as they head on their journey.

Just like along the Yangtze River, the sounds react to the time of the day, the weather on the Yangtze and even the movements of the travellers. It is designed to give a unique journey no matter how many times you travel down the Skybridge.

Suzy Puppy centres on an online mock-advert for a children’s toy which takes a dark turn as the excited girl getting the present quickly discovers that her seemingly perfect pup is in fact suffering a great deal from problems such as conjunctivitis and parvovirus.

The campaign also featured a real world element where the toy was displayed in selected animal-based stores as well as being introduced to MPs at a Parliamentary launch day, with a Suzy Puppy toy being sent to every single MP. At the Westminster event IFAW will be calling on the Government to introduce new laws that protect dogs and their puppies in the UK.