FT Consulting

Female Tribes Consulting supports business design through a female lens.

Female Tribes Consulting is an industry first consultancy created to help businesses harness Female Business Potential - a multiplier effect of yet to be realised female audiences.

We take the insights and understanding from the global Female Tribes Women’s Index study (8,000 Women in 19 countries) and help clients re-design their entire business through a female lens by offering a complete set of bespoke consultancy products and services.

And with 64% of women saying they prefer products designed by women because they “better understand our needs” and 88% of women wishing brands and companies would realise that just because they’re women, it doesn’t mean they want to buy “girly” or “for her” products, understanding this market is a business imperative.

Female Tribes Consulting works on a project basis to answer client issues by offering specific products and services delivered by bespoke teams of passionate experts and advocates from across JWT London.

Consultancy products and services on offer

1.Targeting –Enhanced Insight

2.Innovation –Product & Service Design

3.Engagement -Audience and employee

Our new trend report The New Femininity: Strong Not Sweet’ can be downloaded for FREE here: FT-New-Femininity-RP

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