We love data and could talk about it for hours, but don’t worry, we’re not going to here.

Suffice to say that our in-house Data partnership with Blueberry Wave is an incredibly well-oiled engine that delivers everything from data planning and analysis, customer segmentation, customer journey mapping and database builds to clever predictive modelling – all sitting under one roof. It’s built in, not bolted on.

Our partnership is about us giving further emphasis on putting the customer at the heart of the experience, delivering sharper insights and allowing us to be creative with data. Ultimately this allows us to increase the value of for brands all the way through the experience and drive more profitable customer relationships for your business.

And creating KPI dashboards and in-depth analytics that all of us can understand goes without saying, because being really clever is meaningless if only a few people can appreciate what you’re up to.

Blueberry Wave is a three times winner of the RAR Excellence in Data Awards – as voted for by clients. There are now nearly 60 Data and One-to-one specialists, or ‘Blueberries’ as we like to call them.

You don’t necessarily need to know about the inner workings of our engine, but if you want to talk data, we’ll happily oblige.

Full details of our partnership launch here:

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