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People live, love and experience food.

The biggest mistake a food company can make is to behave like a packaged good.

We are a food futures consultancy that helps food brands, big AND small, grow and innovate within the ever dynamic world of food culture.

Taste of Research

Our propriety research (FINDEX) delves into people’s relationship with food. We spoke to 3,200 respondents in global markets from Brazil to UK, France to US.

Great food experiences are as complex as we are

Reflective of the diversity we see in culture, a great food experience is rich and complex. In other words, we want to have our cake and eat it. Outside of affordability, check out what people rate most.

Big food companies & brands don’t always measure up

Great food experiences can be discovered all around us, with farmers markets and restaurants winning out. Yet 60% of people feel that when it comes to big food brands, there’s work to be done.

Are you a food activist?

People are increasingly using food choices as a reflection of their political and environmental beliefs. Check out the differences across the places we’ve surveyed.

What We Do

Our services and experiences have food culture at the core. Take a look at some below, or come for a coffee to chat about bespoke offerings.

Brand & food story creation

Every great food, drink and service needs a great story to connect with - this is our speciality. We glean our inspiration from the inside – out, starting with what you make, why you make it and what purpose it serves in people’s lives. We think beyond products and claims, capturing the story, in all of its culinary glory, behind your creation.

Food inspired learning

Food and drinks make learning so much more fun. Which is why we are always experimenting with different methods to bring new ideas and products to people where they’re eating, drinking and living. We use the vibrant world of food, drink and all its adjacencies to inspire insights, thinking and break-through ideas.

Innovation design

Innovation is so much more than product development today. It’s inclusive of the entire supply chain. We tap into our network of friends and partners across JWT, WPP and beyond to curate, design and run innovation workshops, develop product architectures, create culinary collaborations and help build disruptive research that brings ideas closer to people in more organic environments.

Content & experience strategy

The world of food culture lives and thrives in experiences, both live and digital. We collaborate with various teams across the JWT Company and beyond to create relevant, fresh brand content and experiences tailored to the people and the tribes that matter most to you.

Start-up workshop

We believe in the power of small businesses. You are the ones re-writing the rules of food and we want to help. Our quarterly Breakfast & Brand workshops are designed for young food and drink businesses, at a very start-up friendly price, to share and collaborate on the fundamentals of brand development. Follow us on Instagram to find out more.

People we love

Come for coffee

The Founders

With combined experience across several countries and food brands around the world, come and meet the founder of Canteen Megan Van Someren, along with co-founders Sophia Redgrave and Marina Lindsay-Brown. Three food geeks committed to re-writing the rules through the lens of food culture.