J. Walter Thompson London

Ad Unlocked

Join us on Friday the 29th of September for a day of Advertising Unlocked.

Registeration opens at 1:45pm with a 2pm kick off.

What colour should the dancing elephant be?

In advertising and more specifically J. Walter Thompson, we answer these types of questions every day.

But we don’t spend all our time choosing the colour of elephants or dressing animals up in hipster clothing, oh no. We stop kids joining gangs with coffee, create voice activated tree houses and choreograph body popping chameleons, to name just a few.

Sound like fun? Spread the word! We’re inviting anyone interested along on the 29th September for a taste of what a career in advertising could offer. We’ll have an afternoon of seriously silly discussions, idea creation and (fingers crossed) some sunshine on our rooftop terrace.

Please email advertising.unlocked@jwt.com for more information and to sign up for a place on the day.

The event is open to people aged 16+ but for those under the age of 18, you will need to be accompanied by an adult and have permission from your school/college to attend.

Look forward to meeting you,

The Advertising Unlocked Team @ J. Walter Thompson