Top 20 Things to Watch in 2013

//21 February 2013
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As part of JWT’s global 100 Things to Watch list for the year ahead, JWT London presents the Top 20 Things to Watch in 2013. It’s a round-up of some of the latest sightings, manifestations and technologies which we expect to see breaking through this year in spheres like travel, food, retail and sustainability. This report complements our predictions on the broader shifts we’re forecasting for the year ahead in our Ten Trends for 2013.

1.    Alternative Brand Currencies
2.    Biometric Authentication
3.    Cloaking
4.    Coaching Brands
5.    Cutting out the Middleman
6.    Dads in the Aisles
7.    Data Scientists
8.    Emotion Recognition
9.    Food Sharing
10.  Frontier Markets
11.  Handwriting = Hieroglyphics
12.  Human Centered Tech
13.  Impact Sourcing
14.  Low Cost Robots
15.  Media that Gets to Know You
16.  Neuro-technology
17.  NFC Tags
18.  Patchwork Earnings
19.  Peer Power
20.  Vertical Farming