15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives

//23 March 2012
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The GSMA’s Mobile World Congress 2012, held in Barcelona from Feb. 27-March 1, attracted 67,000 attendees. They represented network operators, mobile manufacturers and developers, along with many players from industries new to this event—companies whose businesses are being affected by a revolution that sooner or later will reach all categories, consumers and markets, regardless of their maturity.

If one thing’s clear, mobile will disrupt it all, and earlier than we could have expected. The pace at which technology is reshaping the world will only speed up, and many innovations that we may believe belong to the future are here already or even in our past.

The shift from a connected to a hyper-connected world is happening now. Online ubiquity provides the catalyst for a new understanding of what mobile means, what mobile does and how it is experienced. The document below outlines 15 key takeaways from the MWC, along with examples that help illustrate these ideas: a preview of how mobile will change our lives.