Austerity Index: JWT releases first wave of its new quarterly study of Britain’s response to austerity.

//31 May 2013
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JWT London is proud to launch the first wave of the Austerity Index, a new quarterly research study which explores the impact of ongoing austerity on Britain’s consumers.

We’re living through the slowest economic recovery in our nation’s living memory.

These are uncharted waters for brands. We have no precedents to fall back on, no textbooks or handbooks on which we can rely this time. So it’s never been more crucial for us to understand exactly how consumers in the UK are behaving and changing in response to the new reality.

The Austerity Index is JWT’s solution: an in-depth quarterly survey that analyses the impact of prolonged economic adversity on UK consumers and markets. The Austerity Index aims to diagnose Britain’s emotional and rational reply to austerity, delivering the answers that brands and organisations need today.

How severely are consumers being affected? Who is hurting the most? What are the coping mechanisms consumers are deploying? Where are Britons cutting back, trading down or even opting out of categories? And how should brands respond?

JWT will be tracking these and other measures every quarter, from now until the economy recovers. We will provide a unique battery of metrics which will track the pace of that recovery, including our proprietary Austerity Index metric. Let’s investigate what the nation thinks and feels about austerity today.

Download a PDF of the full report here.