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“The Elastic Generation”

//16 March 2015

J. Walter Thompson London launches latest Intelligence report There are over fifteen million people in Britain today who feel happier, wiser and more self-confident now than ever before. In their lives they have pioneered significant social, political and technological progress. Today they help drive almost half of the nation’s consumer… read more

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Neuro-b*llocks is full of creative potential

//25 January 2015

As a naïve psychology graduate I presumed that for brands to thrive meant there must be a team of psychologists testing hypotheses and sweating nervously behind each campaign. When I joined ad-land I was surprised to discover this was not the case. Despite people enjoying books like Thinking Fast and… read more

Retail as a third space - JWT

Retail As the Third Space

//18 December 2014

Digital commerce is forcing retailers to rethink the function of physical shops, which is increasingly focused around experiences, unique environments and customer service – giving shoppers new reasons to spend time in these spaces. Physical shops will increasingly serve as a “third space” that’s only partly transactional. The hard sell… read more

Mind the Gender Gap - Austerity Report Q3 2014

Austerity Index: Mind the Gender Gap

//11 December 2014

According to the latest Austerity Index – J. Walter Thompson’s in-depth quarterly research that analyses the impact of the economic adversity in the UK – women feel more affected by the UK government’s austerity measures than men. Our new study shows that although women are employing more money-saving tactics than… read more

Kate Bruges

Wisdom just got hot

//8 October 2014

On 07.10.2014, Kate Bruges, Co-Director of Talent JWT London, spoke at the IPA Talent Adaptathon. The IPA event tackled how to recruit and retain talent which is less one dimensional, more diverse, and leads to better commercial creativity. Here is the amazing speech she gave. “Less than 6% of IPA… read more

Austerity Index Q2 - JWT London

JWT Austerity Index Q2 2014: Property Woes Push Brits to Extremes

//9 September 2014

Three out of five Britons believe that London is doomed to become ‘a ghetto for the super-rich’. This is one of several provocative findings that have surfaced in JWT’s latest Austerity Index report, revealing the frustrations and fears for the future of a nation still fighting the grip of austerity…. read more

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Austerity Bites, but Brits Seek Solace in Edible Escapes

//4 June 2014

JWT has identified ‘Edible Escapism’ as the way Brits are getting themselves through the slow economic recovery, in a new study conducted by the advertising agency. 69% of British consumers polled for JWT’s fifth Austerity Index report acknowledged splurging on treats in the last three months with a staggering 41%… read more