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Mr Kipling’s Trick or Treat

//31 October 2014

This year, for Mr Kipling’s Halloween, we have deftly created a pair of ghoulish eyes, by simply cutting a Cherry Bakewell in half. David Masterman, Creative Director at JWT London said “Cake makes for an exceedingly good Halloween”. The ad builds on the “Life is better with cake” work created… read more

Lynda Bellingham

In Memory of Lynda Bellingham 1948 – 2014

//20 October 2014

WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PRESTON The scene is a big sound stage at Shepperton studios. Tensions are running a little high on the Oxo family kitchen set. A couple of years into the campaign, it’s the third long day of a week-long shoot. The kids are tired and ratty as Derek… read more

Kate Bruges

Wisdom just got hot

//8 October 2014

On 07.10.2014, Kate Bruges, Co-Director of Talent JWT London, spoke at the IPA Talent Adaptathon. The IPA event tackled how to recruit and retain talent which is less one dimensional, more diverse, and leads to better commercial creativity. Here is the amazing speech she gave. “Less than 6% of IPA… read more

OXO Ducks - JWT London

“The Magic Touch”: a delightful new OXO campaign

//8 October 2014

JWT London has created a charming campaign for the launch of OXO’s Herbs & More. The seasoning pots have been created to add delicate flavours to meals. Modern consumers have changed the rules of home cooking and are looking for simple and clever ways to transform their everyday meals. And… read more

Crowne Plaza "You First"

JWT ingenious creatives reveal Crowne Plaza’s tailored services

//1 October 2014

Crowne Plaza unveiled a new brand campaign created by JWT London, their first one in six years. It showcases the many ways Crowne Plaza hotels always put their guests first. JWT London’s research revealed that the success of a trip very much depends on how guests feel and that whether travelling… read more